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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Style Spot Light: Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots , also known as Zulu Knots,are tiny buns secured with elastic. The Key to rocking fierce Bantu Knots lies in the parting. You need to get very detailed with the parting. Square, diamond, and assymetric parts are really funky and modern. And it's great for summer, because the air can pass through your hair!" Not only does this style last for up to two weeks, when you take it out of the buns, your hair has a crinkly textured look, which is a style unto itself. Bantu Knot out.
Bantu knots are created when the hair is sectioned off and twisted or braided into knots. The shapes of the sections depend on how the hair is parted.... the possibilities are endless. This hairstyle can be worn on any hair type and any hair length, although it is popular amongst people of African descent. Bantu knots are a way to wear the hair so it is protected form the elements and close to the scalps beneficial oils. Follow these steps to fashion beautiful Bantu knots of your own.

1. Detangle your Hair
This style requires smooth detangled hair. Wash and condition your hair beforehand if you have a lot of tangles to work out. Use shea butter( or whatever works for you) on your hair before creating this style for soft and shiny hair that is easy to manage.

2. Part your Hair into Sections
Parting the hair into 1 x 1 inch sections is a popular size, but there are no rules. Try larger sections for longer hair. Be creative with the shape of your parts. Start with a diagonal part to make triangle or diamond shaped styles, and start with a part at the nape of your neck for a symmetrical shape. The larger you make the section, the larger the knot will be.

3. Twist Hair and Fashion it into a Knot
Working with one section at a time, take your hair and twist it. Spritz water from a spray bottle on each section as you go, or use gel or hair oil for shine. Twist the hair firmly. Consider braiding your hair, or double twisting the section before making your knot for a textured look to your knot.

4. Fashion Hair into a Bantu Knot
Take the twist and wrap it around itself in a circular fashion to form what looks like a knot. Do not actually knot your hair because it may be difficult to get the knot out. If you have hair extensions or dread locks, simply divide your sections by how big you want your knot to be, and twist your locks into a knot.

5. Secure your Hair
Tuck the hair under itself or use a cloth hair tie or hair rubber band to secure each Bantu knot. Do not use a tie that is too tight because it could break your hair, and choose something that is not too noticeable or can be hidden under the hair. Try using hair-ties made out of pantyhose for comfortable wraps that can usually be hidden underneath hair.

6. Add Accessories
For unique and dressy Bantu knots perfect for prom or any other formal evening, add shells, hair beads or hair jewels to the knots.


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