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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm ready for some length NOW!

I've been washing my hair everyday this week and last night I finally decided to redo my twists. (Got a compliment on them too but I'm really not feeling them because of the length). I used the olive oil hydrating creme by bioinfusion to twist with. I also called myself trimming my ends. I know I really need to visit a salon and get a professional trim but I know that most places usually blow dry your hair straight first and because of my scalp issues, I am not quite ready to risk that. I've been natural now...Ummmm...I'm not even sure how long I've been natural. I guess I'll keep it on the safe side and say since 2003 or 2004 and Heat has never touched my head not even once.... no straightening, no blowdryer, no rollerset, flat iron, no hot anything.

Back Of twists

I really want it cut into a shape because right now my hair is varying lengths, the back middle and my sides are the longest, my crown is playing catch up from the little setback and my front is a little above the tip of my nose. I really want to get the back shaved so I can have some semblance of a shape. A friend of mine, well she's texturized, but she has a bob haircut. It's shaved in the back and sort of an asymmetric bob. Looks nice but I'm not trying to be that daring, I just want a nice little bob, but I know it wouldn't look right on me until I gain some length.
I gave myself another big chop, I think it was last year and I really liked it. No hassle what so ever, it was a real wash and go style and I got so many compliments but I want some length now dammit! haha! I just want a nice shoulder length, or even ear length all around (including shrinkage, style. Something that I can twist up, or rock in a puff,yeah,that would be cool. I'm not really into the whole vitamin, thing to encourage growth but I may just have to get on it or at the very least start taking my centrum again!


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