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Monday, July 28, 2008

To Loc or Not to Loc, That is the Question?

I have really been toying with the idea of locing my hair (although I doubt that I'll ever go through with it) but I absolutely love locs. I find myself ogling loc'd heads whenever they pass my way. I think I'd look cute with locs and besides, I'd be sure to get some awesome growth which is my number one priority. I just want shoulder length natural hair including shrinkage which is about 95% for me. I've been viewing some natural hair albums and I think if I ever were to get them, I would go with the sister locs. They look beautiful, are about the right size/width, and seem to be more versatile as opposed to regular locs. I tend to like them shorter and thinner. I even thought about twisting my hair and just wearing it like that for a few months to see how much growth I get. I like to switch up my looks a lot and the fact that locs are for life(or until I cut them off) is what scares me most. While I have seen some people who have successfully "Un loc'd" their hair without cutting, I seriously doubt that would work for me. Unraveling my twists after a week or two is hell for me so I couldn't even imagine what trying to un loc a loc would be. I know some people decide to get dreadlocs for spiritual reasons but believe me, it isn't that deep for me. I think they look fly (peep the pic and tell me those locs are not fierce!) and I like the growth factor. That's it, that's all.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Staple Products? We've found a winner.

I think I've found, I'm sure I've found my staple products and you just might be surprised to know what they are. Let me start by saying that I am definitely a C-napp.( y'all can tell I've been on Nappturality Haha) meaning I have some Nappy hair. lol. The hair typing somewhat confuses me and while everyone's hair is different, I'm sure some hair types can fit into other categories as well. I've heard that C-Napps have nappy hair, no curl pattern when dry, zigzag pattern with no possibility of getting any curl definition using products aside from the twist out, coil out, etc. While I consider myself a C-Napp, I am able to get a bit of definition with products depending upon what they are. Of course I'm not getting big bouncy curls or cute little spirals and ringlets but what I do get at times is okay with me and I owe it all to my staple products which happen to be conditioners. Curious huh? Keep checking the product reviews because I will be reviewing them shortly.

It's All About the Brows Baby

I went to get my eyebrows threaded yesterday and the chick jacked me up. When she handed me the mirror afterwards I was not a happy camper. I asked her if she took too much off my right side and she said no it was like that, it was thin. Lying heifer! My child asked me if I liked it and I said NO! Loud as hell. I thought about not paying but I forked over the dough anyway. My eyebrows are funny. My right brow is tres' unruly (according to my mama, it's been that way since birth) the part above my inner eye just sticks straight up, I mean I can brush it until the cows come home and that brow will not lay down for anything. I was told to invest in some mustache wax ( you know the kind that men use to curl their mustaches) and that should do it but I haven't been able to find any. I did run across a man that had a handle bar mustache and jumped at the bit to ask him where he purchases his wax from. He confirmed my suspicions and told me that it is indeed hard to come by. He said he found some at a drug store and stocked up when he had the chance.

Let me get back to my story before I get side tracked. A little background history first. I'm a recent brow groomer and by recent I mean within the past 2 or 3 years, if that long. When I do get them done, it's only once or twice a year. My place of choice was the local Korean nail shop. I would get a pedi and then get my brows waxed but once the korean lady acted all stank because I insisted that she use a fresh stick to apply the wax. Can you believe she wanted to charge me for a little popsicle stick? Bish please...but anyway, I had always been interested in the threading. I would watch as people got their brows done and finally last year (after talking to the threader about the pain and so forth I decided to get it done. By the way, she told me that it's less painful than waxing (the bish lied) that shat hurt like hell, my first time had me damn near in tears and this time wasn't much better. I loved it after the first time I had it done. They looked great but this time not so much. Aside from my right brow (on the left if you're viewing the pic) being a little thinner than the left, Upon closer inspection, I noticed that my left outer brow( above the corner of my eye) doesn't extend as far as my right...meaning they are uneven. I wanted to knock that chick out. Not only was she unfriendly but she fugged up my brows!


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