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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Star Style: Tanika Ray Dishes ABout Her Mane

Its no secret that Tanika Ray, host of TV's Extra has gorgeous hair. If you're like me, I'm sure you have a million questions about it, Is it real? Is she natural? Texturized? What's her regimen? What products does she use? Well Tanika finally dishes about her lovely locks: Psssst....She confirmed that it is her real hair when Barbara Walters did the unthinkable and asked her about it.

Tanika on her hair:

Well, here it is ... my hair is naturally curly -- that's the basis of my hair style. I love sticking to what works but it's still imperative to experiment with numerous products. I have met soooo many woman with sooooo many various types of hair and one product does not fit all, but here are some to try ...

- Citre' Shine (super affordable shine and drugstore find)
- Bumble and Bumble Styling Crème
- Miss Jessie's (anything by this sister team)

- only comb hair when in the shower and under the water
- let your hair air dry without touching it (seriously hands off)
- once dry use only your hands to loosen up the curl

When wearing your hair curly and natural be prepared for an unpredictable outcome. Everyday my hair takes on it's own personality. If you're type A ... this is not the style for you.

Definitely useful tips. maybe Next Time Tanika will go into a step by step process of how she styles her hair for various appaearances and events.

It's Official, I'm Bored

I have been in twists for about 2 or 3 weeks now off and on and I'm officially bored. I bought some new products yesterday (well actually, I revisited an Old , Old friend) yes, the PJ in me has struck again.

Anyway, I was just itching to try out my old friend, which required a fresh wash, but I couldn't because I'm in twists. I didn't want to waste my Qhemets which I just used to refreshen my twists so I unraveled about one or two in the front because I just couldn't wait to try it out. Yes, I'm very excitable like that. Anyway, I don't know what to do. I guess this is just a vent because I just want my hair to grow so I can experiment with a variety of hairstyle instead of my old, tried and true, twistout, WNG, braid front/twistout back, twist, and that's about it. My hair is not yet long, enough to do a puff... Well that's not true, I can get a pretty nice puff but I haven't worn my hair like that in a while now. Anyway, yeah, that's where my head has been lately.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lovin My Natural Tee

I'm not ballin' like Star Jones just yet but I did purchase this T-shirt. Ain't it purty? It says "Au Naturél"

I Like Her Style: Star Jones

Star Jones looked great in her crisscross tank dress from Herve Leger. I think this dress is perfect for her as it is made of material designed to hold it all in. From Head to toe, Star looksgreat! Even the Boobies are perky and sitting up high. Did Miss Jones get her some implants or does she owe it all to Herve?

Currently out of stock but was available here: Herve Leger CrissCross Tank Dress

All My Maryland Ladies, You're in luck

A New Dominican Salon is coming to Landover for all you Maryland ladies that Absolutely cannot live without your blowouts. Sintias is having their grand opening August 29 thru August 31 From 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily. "Join us for a major hair and beauty event as a VIP at Sintia's. We'll treat you to a free deep conditioner, 10% of any hair care products,refreshments, champagne, music and give-a-ways but most importantly, Dominican Style" If You bring two friends, Your hairstyle is free (wash, set, deep conditioner only) and oh yeah, Appointments are needed for this event.

Landover Crossing Shopping Center
8581 Landover Road
Landover, MD. 20721

As always, If any of you ladies decide to check it out, please feel free to write a review (positive or negative) and we'll post it up.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Product Alert: Miss Jessie's Shampoo and Conditioner

I knew it would only be a matter of time before Miss Jessie's would come out with a shampoo and conditioner line as well. Well, that time has finally arrived as Miss Jessie's has introduced its Crème De La Curl Cleansing Crème and its Crème De La Crème Conditioner. A price hasn't been yet but the PJ in me is just itching to try this. In addition to loving things that moisturize, I'm also a sucker for creamy products and although I'm not a big shampoo person,(I tend to stick with my Neutrogena and if I'm not using that, it really doesn't matter much what shampoo I use) I absolutely love creamy shampoos.

Crème De La Curl Cleansing Crème

Finally the ultimate ultra conditioning super soft daily curl wash especially made for us - dry, parched, damaged, used and abused, chemically treated, color treated, natural, kinky, curly hair. Creme de la Curl was specifically formulated for the dry, coarse, tightly coiled curl, but any hair type longing for a super moisturizing curl wash will benefit. You can never wash your hair too much with this carefully formulated non-sudsy cleansing crème. Excellent for curlies who want clean freshly prepped supple tangle free hair that’s ready to receive any Miss Jessie’s styling product.

Crème De La Crème Conditioner

A must have follow up daily conditioner to the Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème. Finally this ultra creamy super rich conditioner for your natural, dehydrated, naturally curly, color and chemically treated hair. Crème de la Crème moisturizes, protects and detangles dry hair like nothing else. It eliminates tangled strands and leaves hair slickety smooth. Crème de la Crème restores moisture balance to your hair and scalp. A softening conditioner Crème de la Crème allows you to retain all your hair growth by banishing dry and brittle strands forever. Experience this creamy luxury.

That Conditioner sounds lovely but I know as with anything from Miss Jessie, I need to get out my check book, Credit cards and first born haha because you know its gonna cost you. Don't fret though, there is hope for all of you PJ's out there. Miss Jessie's is offering a sale where you will receive $10 off the duo from August 25th through September 7th while supplies last. If anyone tries these products before me and would like to review them. Please feel free to send your review to me and I will post it on the site.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Going to Buy Something Dammit

I finally got around to picking up some more products (Like I really need another product ) but I really wanted to try Qhemet Biologics and I was still trying to find the Transitioners Tonic that was out of stock at my local boutique. Well I made one mistake, I forgot to call first to make sure that the product that I wanted was even in stock. Yes, I called last weekend when I had plans to go and they said they had it in but when I got there this week guess what? Nary a Heavy Cream in sight!(you see the big old Heavy Cream Healthy Pick Tag but if you look behind it, the row is empty, nothing but a tester)As a matter of fact, the sales girl told me that I was the fourth person that day that had been in looking for the Amla heavy cream. Because I was determined to leave with SOMETHING.... ANYTHING, I picked up some of the Burdock root Butter Creme. I initially was going to try some of the Kakardy tea but after sampling some (thank God they had testers for all of the products)I decided against it. While the ingredients seemed good, when I sprayed some on my finger, I found that it was really glyceriney (is that a word haha) and most likely something that I could make myself at home. I also didn't like the smell which smelled somewhat like maple syrup to me. The Burdock Root Butter Creme on the other had was something that I thought I might like. It's much lighter than the heavy creme so I'm sure it won't do much in weighing down these naps but if I can get some good moisturization from it. It will have been well worth it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please Follow The Rulez Of Fashion

This Morning, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the week and I just could not believe what I saw. Now I don't normally do this but I just had to take a photo. I couldn't get the front because that would've been a little too obvious but lets just say that the front was much worse than the back (use your imagination people) and the reason why her bootay is noticeably absent was because it was all in the front. Hot Mess. I mean she had people in the store walking past her with the WTF face. She was with at least 4 other people and I know they knew that the shorts she had on was too small but they obviously didn't bother to tell her or she just didn't care. Oh How I wish I could've taken a front and side shot so that you all could get the full effect.

Fashion Rule number 1: If It Does Not Fit, Get rid of IT!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Definition, Definition, and Mo' Defiition!

I did a twist out a few weeks ago that I loved. I mean I had so much definition and I'm sure that I hadn't had my hair in twists for more than 2 days. I found that the secret to a fabulous twistout, which I can finally say that I've managed to master is the products used during twisting. I have had gorgeous TO's using, Mrs. Jessies buttercreme, Shea butter, Proclaim gel activator, Avacado butter, shealoe butter, and I'm sure a few other products (not all at once mind you)but I have the bestest TO's from Miss Jessies. For this one I used the proclaim and Avacado butter. I used the procalim because I had just washed my hair and it was dry by the time I started to twist. so the activator gel was for moisturization purposes only. But anyway here is the resulting twistout.

Philosophy's Gelato For the Lips, That Won't Go To Your Hips

Summer isn't quite over yet so if you haven't already, now would be the time to indulge yourself in Philosophy's trio of Lip Gelatos ($25).

Non-sticky and hydrating, they provide a transparent shine in three tasty flavors: Pomegranate, Grapefruit &Tangerine. Available at

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Product Review: Ped Egg

I am a certified, home shopping Junkie. I have just about everything that can be sold on an infomercial, or shopping network. I had been seeing the commercial for the ped egg and being that I'm the type to always want my feet to look nice,( I will even work on them before I get a pedi because I'm not about to have those Korean chicks talking about me and not be able to understand) I couldn't wait to order this. It just so happened that on one of my trips to Linens and Things, I saw that they had them available to purchase, What? No ordering and waiting for them to ship, You know your girl was on it. Anyway, I've had this for at least 6 months now and am just getting around to trying it out. I usually use my spa pedicure foot spa first and towel dry my feet and then use the ped egg on them. Some people don't like to use it on wet feet, some don't mind.. Its really up to you.
If you have any crust on your feet... you'll know it.

I know ya'll have seen people with ashy, crusty, cracked heels and then have the nerve to be wearing some sandals. I was at my Gynecologists office last week and this lady came in for her OB appt. White lady with the crustiest feet. I'm talking cracked, dry, and ashy. Don't let nobody tell you that white people can't get ashy because thats a damn lie. Lawd, if it wouldn't have been so obvious, I would've taken a picture because those feet you would have to see to believe. I was thinking "I know she isn't going to let the doctor see her feet looking like that" but then I remembered that she was an OB patient so no stirrups for her anyway, but still.

Anyway, I digress, the Ped Egg does fit perfectly in your hand and resembles something of a cheese grater. I had some crust because I had been walking barefoot ouside. Yeah, I do walk Barefoot Outside and what? (haha just kidding but I really do, I love it too! ) I scrubbed my heels and my entire foot for about 2-3 minutes and then washed them again. I decided to use my bag balm( since it was the closest to me at the time) and I slathered it on and threw on a pair of cotton socks . I woke up with buttery, baby bottom soft tootsies. I mean suckably soft! Ain't no shame in my game so I even took photos, If I had been thinking, I would have taken a shot of me emptying it. It really wasn't that much that came off. My feet are still soft as hell, just like butta. Now all I need is to get a pedi because my polish is chipping like a mug.

The Ped Egg Gets:

I'm ready for some length NOW!

I've been washing my hair everyday this week and last night I finally decided to redo my twists. (Got a compliment on them too but I'm really not feeling them because of the length). I used the olive oil hydrating creme by bioinfusion to twist with. I also called myself trimming my ends. I know I really need to visit a salon and get a professional trim but I know that most places usually blow dry your hair straight first and because of my scalp issues, I am not quite ready to risk that. I've been natural now...Ummmm...I'm not even sure how long I've been natural. I guess I'll keep it on the safe side and say since 2003 or 2004 and Heat has never touched my head not even once.... no straightening, no blowdryer, no rollerset, flat iron, no hot anything.

Back Of twists

I really want it cut into a shape because right now my hair is varying lengths, the back middle and my sides are the longest, my crown is playing catch up from the little setback and my front is a little above the tip of my nose. I really want to get the back shaved so I can have some semblance of a shape. A friend of mine, well she's texturized, but she has a bob haircut. It's shaved in the back and sort of an asymmetric bob. Looks nice but I'm not trying to be that daring, I just want a nice little bob, but I know it wouldn't look right on me until I gain some length.
I gave myself another big chop, I think it was last year and I really liked it. No hassle what so ever, it was a real wash and go style and I got so many compliments but I want some length now dammit! haha! I just want a nice shoulder length, or even ear length all around (including shrinkage, style. Something that I can twist up, or rock in a puff,yeah,that would be cool. I'm not really into the whole vitamin, thing to encourage growth but I may just have to get on it or at the very least start taking my centrum again!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Event: Carol's Daughter Celebrates It's Ninth Year Anniversary

On Friday, August 15th join Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price in celebrating nine-year anniversary of the Carol’s Daughter store at the Heritage store in Brooklyn, NY. and the Carol's Daughter Store at the Westfield Wheaton Mall in Wheaton, MD. To commemorate the nine-year birthday, Lisa will personally greet customers as they arrive at the store.

To celebrate the Carol’s Daughter tradition of homemade products with a natural touch, Lisa will do an exclusive product demo of her Rose Milk Bath, giving customers a firsthand look at her handmade, loving approach to Carol’s Daughter’s nourishing, rich formulas.

Please RSVP in advance to celebrate the store’s nine-year anniversary with Lisa in person.

Who: Lisa Price and Carol’s Daughter

What: Meet & Greet and Product Demo with Lisa Price for the
Heritage and Wheaton Mall Stores Nine-Year Celebration

When: Friday, August 15th from 5pm-8pm &Saturday, August 16th from

Where: August 15th          August 16th
Carol’s Daughter          Carol’s Daughter
Heritage Store          11160 Veirs Mill Road
1 South Elliot Place         Wheaton, MD 20902
718.596.186215th          301.949-1231

For All you Brooklynites and Marylanders that decide to attend this Event, Don't forget to take plenty of pics and please feel free to send me a few so I can post them. Thanky!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Style Spot Light: Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots , also known as Zulu Knots,are tiny buns secured with elastic. The Key to rocking fierce Bantu Knots lies in the parting. You need to get very detailed with the parting. Square, diamond, and assymetric parts are really funky and modern. And it's great for summer, because the air can pass through your hair!" Not only does this style last for up to two weeks, when you take it out of the buns, your hair has a crinkly textured look, which is a style unto itself. Bantu Knot out.
Bantu knots are created when the hair is sectioned off and twisted or braided into knots. The shapes of the sections depend on how the hair is parted.... the possibilities are endless. This hairstyle can be worn on any hair type and any hair length, although it is popular amongst people of African descent. Bantu knots are a way to wear the hair so it is protected form the elements and close to the scalps beneficial oils. Follow these steps to fashion beautiful Bantu knots of your own.

1. Detangle your Hair
This style requires smooth detangled hair. Wash and condition your hair beforehand if you have a lot of tangles to work out. Use shea butter( or whatever works for you) on your hair before creating this style for soft and shiny hair that is easy to manage.

2. Part your Hair into Sections
Parting the hair into 1 x 1 inch sections is a popular size, but there are no rules. Try larger sections for longer hair. Be creative with the shape of your parts. Start with a diagonal part to make triangle or diamond shaped styles, and start with a part at the nape of your neck for a symmetrical shape. The larger you make the section, the larger the knot will be.

3. Twist Hair and Fashion it into a Knot
Working with one section at a time, take your hair and twist it. Spritz water from a spray bottle on each section as you go, or use gel or hair oil for shine. Twist the hair firmly. Consider braiding your hair, or double twisting the section before making your knot for a textured look to your knot.

4. Fashion Hair into a Bantu Knot
Take the twist and wrap it around itself in a circular fashion to form what looks like a knot. Do not actually knot your hair because it may be difficult to get the knot out. If you have hair extensions or dread locks, simply divide your sections by how big you want your knot to be, and twist your locks into a knot.

5. Secure your Hair
Tuck the hair under itself or use a cloth hair tie or hair rubber band to secure each Bantu knot. Do not use a tie that is too tight because it could break your hair, and choose something that is not too noticeable or can be hidden under the hair. Try using hair-ties made out of pantyhose for comfortable wraps that can usually be hidden underneath hair.

6. Add Accessories
For unique and dressy Bantu knots perfect for prom or any other formal evening, add shells, hair beads or hair jewels to the knots.

My Latest Discovery: BioInfusion Hydrating Hair Creme

I've been eyeing this product for quite some time now. It's rather on the "pricey" side at 7.99 for the amount you get but I've paid 5 times that amount for hair products before. I went to drop off my prescription and as I usually do, I just had to stroll down the hair care aisle to see what they had. My eye was drawn back to this product and since it was on sale for $5.99 I decided to grab some. I haven't used it yet but I love the fact that its a hydrating creme, as I said before, anything that moisturizes is alright with me. I tested a little bit on my hand and it isn't greasy at all, as a matter of fact, it is actually pretty watery which is weird for a creme and it smells heavenly. I wll be reviewing this product as soon as I get a chance t0 try it out.


A blend of science and nature.
Daily moisture renewal with essential nutrients for hair and scalp.
Olive oil has been recognized throughout the ages as a naturally nourishing therapy believed to have rejuvenating power.
Rich in natural conditioning agents, olive oil infuses moisture to hair and scalp on contact.
BioInfusion is a blend of science and nature that has combined olive oil and other natural ingredients with new technologies to create the finest quality products for relaxed and natural styles.
Safe for color treated hair.
BioInfusion olive oil hydrating hair cream is an excellent daily moisturizer for all hair types.
The lightweight creme aids in elasticity, hydration and shine.

Water - Aqua , Soybean Oil - Glycine Soja , Propylene Glycol , Steareth-20 , Petrolatum , Polyquaternium-37 , Steareth-2 , Dimethicone , Fragrance - Parfum , Olive Oil - Olea Europaea , Lanolin Oil , Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate , PPG-1 Trideceth-6 , Trideceth-6 , Cetyl Alcohol , DMDM Hydantoin , Propylparaben , Methylparaben , Bee Balm Extract - Monarda Didyma , Carrot Extract - Ducus Carota Sativa , Sunflower Seed Extract - Helianthus Annuus , Wheat Extract - Triticum Vulgare , Blue 1 - CI 42090 , Yellow 5 - CI 19140

Saturday, August 09, 2008

What to Do what to Do?

I don't know what to do with my hair. I went out of town for a a week to my reunion and because I didn't want to do my hair on the daily, I twisted it up for about 2 or 3 days until I arrived. I then rocked a twist out for the duration. It held up really well considering I clubbed non stop the entire time. I rocked a head band for about 3 days and then put some cornrows in the front and wore the back out. I did look cute if I must say so myself.

The only problem that I had was scalp issues that started to flare up again. My head was itching something fierce and when I finally washed (after I arrived home) I had two scabs in my hair. I think it's from me ferociously scratching and I know better than that, I really do! I try to do the rubbing thing and the patting is not an option(I know, y'all have seen chicks slapping themselves in the head or patting especially with weaves) I've never understood the patting thing. Why pat,tap, hit and smack when you can just scratch. I hate to see people doing that, its my pet peeve. But anyway, back to the matter at hand, I just cannot help but scratch and I believe it is doing damage to my scalp. I also realize that I need to go back to my daily washing routine at least until I get these itchies under control. I may just have to take a trip back to the derm and see what's really going on. The last time I had a flare up like this, it resulted in bald spots and that was back in 2006.

Anyway, I did an overnight deep conditioning treatment and then followed up with a moisturizing conditioner (which I ended up leaving in for two days) because I just didn't feel like doing anything. I think I'm going to do some twists and leave it in for about a month or two but first I need some products. I want to try Kinky curly transitioners tonic but apparently its hard to come by. The boutique in my area doesn't have it in stock. She called me when she got her shipment in but she received everything but the tonic. I have also been hearing some great buzz about Qhemets products and being that I can also get that locally, I might drive down and pick up a few products to review. My main thing is moisture, moisture and more moisture so anything that will keep this head 'O' mine, moisturized, I'm absolutely, Loving IT!


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