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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Going to Buy Something Dammit

I finally got around to picking up some more products (Like I really need another product ) but I really wanted to try Qhemet Biologics and I was still trying to find the Transitioners Tonic that was out of stock at my local boutique. Well I made one mistake, I forgot to call first to make sure that the product that I wanted was even in stock. Yes, I called last weekend when I had plans to go and they said they had it in but when I got there this week guess what? Nary a Heavy Cream in sight!(you see the big old Heavy Cream Healthy Pick Tag but if you look behind it, the row is empty, nothing but a tester)As a matter of fact, the sales girl told me that I was the fourth person that day that had been in looking for the Amla heavy cream. Because I was determined to leave with SOMETHING.... ANYTHING, I picked up some of the Burdock root Butter Creme. I initially was going to try some of the Kakardy tea but after sampling some (thank God they had testers for all of the products)I decided against it. While the ingredients seemed good, when I sprayed some on my finger, I found that it was really glyceriney (is that a word haha) and most likely something that I could make myself at home. I also didn't like the smell which smelled somewhat like maple syrup to me. The Burdock Root Butter Creme on the other had was something that I thought I might like. It's much lighter than the heavy creme so I'm sure it won't do much in weighing down these naps but if I can get some good moisturization from it. It will have been well worth it.


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