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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not really too much going on

As you all know, I braided my hair up again last month. Today, I washed and conditioned it (with the braids still in) and then rebraided it. (switched the hair too). I then oiled and moisturized my scalp. I used this free sample of Organic root stimulator's anit-itch scalp oil and it smells pretty good. I also used Africa's organics' texture my way Curl keeper as a moisturizer. It smells just like the kids shea butter leave-in but it has a much thicker consistency. We'll see how it works. I put in a few lighter stands for a simulated high-light effect. I say this every time I braid my hair, but this time, I am going to keep up with the moisturizing and oiling of the scalp. My hair gets extremely dry and I get the itchies something terrible. I will be using whatever moisturizer I fancy. Being the PJ that I am I have just about everything that you can think of that You can get at the BSS. I'm thinking about purchasing some butters and creams for the kid's hair. I put her hair in two-strand twists (after taking out cornrows that had been in for about a month and looked a frizzy horrid mess) Her hair looks really cute.SHe gets compliments all the time. I wish I had her length and I would leave these dang on braids alone indefinitely!!!


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