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Monday, March 09, 2009

Wash Day For The Kid

Yesterday I decided to wash, condition and  do the kid's hair.  Mind you she has been wearing it in 2 twisted puffs for about 3 weeks.  Anyway, I finally  had the opportunity to try out a purchase that I made a few weeks ago.  It's the Styling Therapy Brush by Goody.   Let me say this Brush  was a miracle worker on the kid's hair.  Loved it!! (although she didn't, she hates for me to do anything to her hair) This brush allowed me to detangle and  do twisted ponytails with relative ease.  I can see me and this brush being together for a very long time. lol  I'll do a review later on.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Hair is Coming Along

So My hair is coming along.  I have started latching since I wash so frequently and I have really gotten the hang of it. I don't like to spend money frivolously so I started off trying to latch with a latch hook since I had one already.  It was easy to get the hang of it since I know how to latch hook but It kept getting tangled in my hair and was just a mess.  I then tried to make a tool out of a paperclip.  The clip turned out to be much easier but my hair still kept getting caught on the clip and the tape that I wrapped around it to cover the  part where I twisted the paperclip.  I then moved on to using a yarn needle and I absolutely love it.  No catching on the hair, no awkwardness, it glides through the hair easily and it really is a breeze to use.  Yes,  I have  gotten the occasional two locs latched together and believe me its no fun trying to undo but other than that it's been working out quite lovely for me.  

I'm still going back and forth about the size of my locs.  I  love the look of bigger locs on other people but I wanted the size of sisterlocs for myself.  I had them small (not sisterloc sized) but then started worrying about them being too small.  so I combined some.  Then I saw photos of people who's locs seemed as small if not smaller than mine and then I wanted to make mine even smaller.  (hard to do once you've latched ) so I had to leave them be.  No (while they are a nice size, I still think that once they mature they might get even bigger and I don't want that. I was watching someone's You tube video, she also had braidlocs which were similar in size to mine when she first started them,  no they are huge. She even commented on the fact that she didn't expect them to get as large as they were and she didn' combine any.  That threw me for a loop because everything that I have read concerning locs states that they will swell and then condense not get larger.  Most who have started their own say that you should make your parts as large or small as you want your locs to be but hers didn't fit that theory.  I'm about a month in to my journey and mine are larger than I expected them to be considering their size when I first put them in.  I hope they condense to a size that I'm comfortable with.


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