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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

By George I Think I've Got It!

My hair has been looking rather good lately. I've mostly been wearing twist outs and coil outs. Oh yeah, I did my first set of finger coils and they turned out fabulous (for someone who didn't know what she was doing.) At, first, I wasn't really feeling them after I unraveled them. they came out a bit frizzy but some Garnier soft curl creme on the ends handled that just lovely. I wore them for 6 days and could've gone longer but y'all know me, I get bored very easily plus it was time for a wash anyway. I was at work and this guy asked me who did my twists? I told him I did and he asked me how much I charged. lol I told him I don't do hair and that that was my first attempt at doing my own finger coils. he liked them, so much so that he had the nerve to come over and pull on one of my coils. Now normally, that is a no no with me but I was feeling so pleased that someone was actually digging the "do" that I gave him a pass and let it slide. He told me that he was interested in getting locks because of his "good hair" (his words not mine) people have been telling him that his hair wouldn't lock up. I told him that white people get dreadlocks successfully so he should have no problem. Anyway, I washed them out last night and am now in twists. My hair is no where near the length I need it to be to feel confident in wearing my twists out in public so a twist-out, it shall be for about another 6 days or so!!!! Pics will be forthcoming. lol (I know, I know I say this all of the time but y'all know I'm lazy. I will post pics though...Promise!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another year of hair. Operation grow out.

So here it is another New year and I ended 2006 on a not so good note. I was having scalp issues and noticed extremely severe itching, some bleeding upon scratching and bald spots in various places on my head. I went to the doctors and was initially diagnosed with ringworm(which I knew I did not have because there was no ring and the way the bald spots were formed) Nevertheless, I took the prescribed Griseofulvin for about 2 weeks until I could get an appointment with my regular physician who then diagnosed me with having Seborrheic Dermatitis *frown*. Anyway, he prescribed me Nizoral shampoo and told me to wash my hair everyday until the symptoms subsided and then do what works for me. He assured me that my hair would indeed grow back and I left feeling somewhat better about the situation. While I did wash my hair daily for about 3 days there is no way that I could keep that up in the winter time in this city. I have noticed some growth though. Initially I could only see black dots where the hair had broken off down to nothing but now I can actually see some fuzz there so again, I am thrilled!!! I have been wearing my hair in twistouts which is very hard to keep up being that I have to wash so often but by George, I think I have finally mastered it. My hair turns out soft and it actually moves if I shake my head from side to side when it is completely dry( and yes it is still short !! Okay, Okay, I attribute alot of the softness and movement to the product that I now can't live without but I also take some of the credit too for finally breaking down and shelling out the big bucks to buy it. lol I will post pics shortly. This year I will also try to keep track of my hair growth more meticulously.


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