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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hair still holding up It's Unbeweaveable

The weave is still in and looking good. It's fooling folks left and right. You wouldn't believe how many compliments I have gotten on the hair( which only cost me about $9.99 for the pack ). A co-worker even asked me how long I had to sit to get my straw set LOL. Although technically, the hair is mine because I bought it, I do not fake the funk. I am quick to let everyone know that the hair is a weave that I did as a protective styling option. I'm just curious to see if I have accumulated any growth as a result of not being in it constantly. Y'all know I am itching to take it out right? Somebody stop me pleaseeeee? Do something! Say something!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Finally getting around to posting the pics!

Ok ya'll, I know I am the world's biggest procrastinator but I finally have time to post the pics of my protective style weave. Not too much different from the previous photos except that this hair is longer and curlier than my own. So far, it has achieved it's purpose, I'm not in my hair nearly as much as washing has been reduced to an as needed basis. I do, however, still continue to play around with the part of my hair that was left out of the weave. I twist, retwist, braid, wash, Surge, gel, and comb. It's unfortunate too because this is the part that broke off previously from me harrassing it. lol The weave that I did 2 weeks ago my front was blended into the weave (constant brushing and gelling). I decided to braid the front so there wouldn't be too much wear and tear on my hair. I really hope that I see some major growth from this style providing I keep it in longer than a week or 2.


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