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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm loving my Twists/Locs so far

As I've said in previous posts, I am seriously considering locing my hair. I have had twists in for about 3 months so far off and on. I plan to see how long I can leave them in without redoing them or wanting to wear my hair out. Anyway, I wasn't quite satisfied with the way my twistlocs turned out so I redid them on Thanksgiving (or the day after) to a size that I'm happy with. I've washed them quite a few times because I can't deal with the itchies and while I have had some unraveling near the root, the base tends to stay put. I am in the process of retwisting now (been at it for 3 days now because I do a section at a time lol (yeah I know I'm lazy but I don't have too many more left to do.) They look kind of scalpy in the crown area because that's where I had my scalp issues but hopefully they will thicken up a bit so the scalpyness won't be much of an issue. They were also newly twisted so that's part of it as well.


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