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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parabens, Petroleum and Mineral Oil Oh My!

Disclaimer: First Let me start off by saying that this is MY opinion and My Opinion only!!!

This posts stems from a question regarding a particular hair product. Someone was interested in trying it out, loved the ingredients and loved the price but then saw parabens listed way down on the list of ingredients and then said "Those ingredients sound lovely but oh it has parabens, Oh Well, I have to find something else." Now I don't know if this person has had bad experiences with parabens, her hair hates them or she's just going by what she's heard which brings me to this little ditty, If it works for you, by all means keep doing what you're doing.

I personally am not one to buy into the all the hype about no petroleum, mineral oil, and blah blah blah. I will try the product regardless of the ingredients if I think its something my hair might like. If it works for me then great, if it doesn't then time to find something that will work. When I was younger, I had my scalp greased, semi regularly and my hair never looked better, was thick, full, natural hair. While I did get my hair straightened as a child, I never had any chemicals in my hair until I was about 11 or 12 years old.

Anyway, my hair was healthy and strong back then. It amazes me that someone can get a slew of compliments on their hair, raves about how healthy it looks, how much and how quickly it grows and how shiny it looks. The person can say that they grease their scalp with Blue Magic Hair grease and then all the hoopla about how bad petroleum is for your hair starts. Never mind the fact that you.... just complimented the hell out of this person's hair and the fact that its thriving. Now this person who has seen nothing but great results from incorporating this into her regimen automatically stops using grease because of the hype. Why? If its working for you keep doing it. Everyone's hair and scalps are not the same. What works for one may not work for the other, I don't care if you are hair twins.

Case in point. My hair loves creamy anything, leave-ins, conditioners you name it. I read rave reviews about Giovanni Direct Leave-in. Ran out and got a bottle and it did nothing for my hair besides make it hard. Worked wonders for other folks but did nothing for me. YOU are the best person to determine what is GOOD for your hair. You know your hair and what it responds to better than anybody else. If Petroleum works wonderfully for your hair by all means use it, If mineral oil is your things, don't stop. This may not be the popular thing to say but I just thought I'd share.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means advocating the use of these products if they have not been proven useful in your regimen so don't run out and buy some Vaseline on account of me


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