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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Wash Day For The Kid and I

Today is Wash day for the kid and I. Lawd I dread it for the kid because she has a mountain of thick hair. Her hair is easy to style when its wet but once it dries, whoo chile! Not to mention that no matter what time of day I wash her hair, without fail she is soo sleepy and needs to lie down. Doesn't matter if I do it at 8 A.M. after she wakes or 6: P.M. when she's in the middle of watching TV or online. Without fail I get the "why do you have to do it now , I was just getting ready to lie down because I'm sleepy" She's not fooling anybody. I love the kid's hair though. She has the perfect length that I'd love to achieve. She's also in need of a trim.

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When I'm done washing and conditioning her hair, I'm more often than not hard pressed to find a hair style for her. Most times I like to..... cornrow it or do some type of style that will last her two weeks or more because trying to do some hair every morning, early in the morning is just not the way to go for me. I usually just do the same old tried and true styling with her. I've run out of ideas though. If anyone has any ideas for childrens style please leave comments. (we love comments hint-hint!)
Currently she's rocking box braids that I did extra big to save on time.

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