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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally got my highlights

So I dragged my Mommy with me to the Aveda Institute to get an all over color service and highlights. My aunt was supposed to go as well but she canceled at the last minute. my mom and I were the only African Americans in the entire salon save for 2 cashiers (who just so happened to be rocking their natural hair as well (one a BAA and the other a TWA) I asked were they students and was told they were not. Anyway, Once you check in, they give you a form to sign stating that you realize that the stylists are students and not licensed professionals and that you agree not to sue the school or the salon if your service doesn't go quite as planned. and blah blah blah. the cashiers then take the various appointment sheets and distribute them to various students. i just so happened to get the whitest, white girl in the shop who kept saying my name after every comment or question, while my mom got a punk rocker type...pierced, stretched earlobes, green-dyed hair). She jumped right in on my moms hair and didn't seem intimidated by the texture at all. My stylists looked at me with paper in hand and proceeded to talk to another person there before getting around to actually calling me. I knew she would be the student I was assigned to and had every intention on asking her whether or not she felt comfortable dong my hair as I got the impression that she didn't by the looks I was getting from her and her fellow student. She seemed nice enough when she finally got around to calling my name. she showed me swatches of various colors and I picked two (one for my single color and another for the highlights) I went with the intention of having a brown or light brown base with caramel highlights. I was told that my skin tone would do better with warm tones and not cold ones as in the Ash colors that I was considering (I really was adamant that I did not want any of that red, orangy, brassy color. The instructor comes over and asks me a million and one questions about my hair trying to make sure that I didn't have any previous colors or chemicals which I assured her I did not. She decided that she would do my highlights without using bleach. (due to my bout of seborrheic dermatitis which is just now growing back but has resulted in some short pieces near my crown. The instructor did the majority of my highlights and then my student (with the help of her classmate who didn't have any clients) proceeded to do my base color. I knew that the color wasn't taking and questioned it


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