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Friday, December 01, 2006

Drying Process, There has got to be a Quicker Way!

So I washed and conditioned my hair yesterday and tried to do a wash and go. My hair was so tight and packed down. Hated it!!! I then decided to comb (with the denman) some Fantasia Ic gel through my hair and let it air dry. It looked okay but my hair takes damn near an entire day to dry. I woke up and it still wasn't totally dry in some parts so I just added some more spritz to it and worked with it that way. I also threw on an bra strap headband and went on my merry way.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Had To Put The Braids On Permanent Hiatus

I'm out of the braids, I took them out the day before Thanksgiving and I am so glad. I noticed that the front of my hair (well actually the crown, which has always been kind of fine)is feeling sort of thin. It has been itching a lot too so I really don't know what is going on there. My mother said maybe it is because it was dirty (I didn't wash as often if at all when I had braids) could be. I'm going to lay off of the braids for a while and really try to pamper my hair. The only thing is I don't know what to do with my hair. I cut it in July or August down to a few inches, and while I can tell that it has grown some since then, I am no where near the length that I need to be content with my styles. I have major shrinkage so it will take me double the length to be where I want to be. At this time, I would be okay with even ear length (which would probably in all actuality be shoulder length in my case. Today I am in a ponytail, took a lot of slicking and brushing (I know brushing is bad, bad, bad ) to get it that way and I have a phony pony on the back for work. I may take some pics but my PP isn't really matching the color of the rest of my hair. I plan to wash the gunk out tomorrow and then wear it out in all it's nappy glory for a few. I also need to get out of the habit of wearing headbands or slicking the front of my hair back because it know it can be damaging but I just don't feel that I look right without doing something.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not really too much going on

As you all know, I braided my hair up again last month. Today, I washed and conditioned it (with the braids still in) and then rebraided it. (switched the hair too). I then oiled and moisturized my scalp. I used this free sample of Organic root stimulator's anit-itch scalp oil and it smells pretty good. I also used Africa's organics' texture my way Curl keeper as a moisturizer. It smells just like the kids shea butter leave-in but it has a much thicker consistency. We'll see how it works. I put in a few lighter stands for a simulated high-light effect. I say this every time I braid my hair, but this time, I am going to keep up with the moisturizing and oiling of the scalp. My hair gets extremely dry and I get the itchies something terrible. I will be using whatever moisturizer I fancy. Being the PJ that I am I have just about everything that you can think of that You can get at the BSS. I'm thinking about purchasing some butters and creams for the kid's hair. I put her hair in two-strand twists (after taking out cornrows that had been in for about a month and looked a frizzy horrid mess) Her hair looks really cute.SHe gets compliments all the time. I wish I had her length and I would leave these dang on braids alone indefinitely!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hair still holding up It's Unbeweaveable

The weave is still in and looking good. It's fooling folks left and right. You wouldn't believe how many compliments I have gotten on the hair( which only cost me about $9.99 for the pack ). A co-worker even asked me how long I had to sit to get my straw set LOL. Although technically, the hair is mine because I bought it, I do not fake the funk. I am quick to let everyone know that the hair is a weave that I did as a protective styling option. I'm just curious to see if I have accumulated any growth as a result of not being in it constantly. Y'all know I am itching to take it out right? Somebody stop me pleaseeeee? Do something! Say something!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Finally getting around to posting the pics!

Ok ya'll, I know I am the world's biggest procrastinator but I finally have time to post the pics of my protective style weave. Not too much different from the previous photos except that this hair is longer and curlier than my own. So far, it has achieved it's purpose, I'm not in my hair nearly as much as washing has been reduced to an as needed basis. I do, however, still continue to play around with the part of my hair that was left out of the weave. I twist, retwist, braid, wash, Surge, gel, and comb. It's unfortunate too because this is the part that broke off previously from me harrassing it. lol The weave that I did 2 weeks ago my front was blended into the weave (constant brushing and gelling). I decided to braid the front so there wouldn't be too much wear and tear on my hair. I really hope that I see some major growth from this style providing I keep it in longer than a week or 2.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tryin' to Jazz it up a bit!

I have been in my hair yet again. It is simply impossible for me to leave it alone. I decided to do some braids int he front and leave the fro' in the back. I think it looks okay even though I changed the braid design 3 times and it still isn't the way that I want it. I also went swimming today so the white stuff that you see in some of the pics isn't grey hair or anything but the conditioner that I slathered on in an attempt to combat some of the effects of the chlorine. I probably will be re-doing the front and weaving it up. It would be great if I could leave the weave in for more than a week but I know My hand in hair/fro' disease will end up winning the battle. I'm going to try for 2 weeks though. Wish me luck! Here are pics of my pool hair!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Changed it up again.

last night I decided to twist my hair up. I conditioned wash and then used my DPR 11 and sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes. I then twisted up my hair using Suave leav-in and grease (that's right ya'll good old fashioned grease with petroleum and all). I left them in for a day and this is the resulting wistout. I guess it looks okay but my hair does feel kind of greasy, I guess the grease is working. Haha

Monday, July 24, 2006

Couldn't wait!!

As you all know by my previous posts that I put a weave in last week. Well, today I took it out and chopped one mo' gin. I just couldn't wait to get that weave out and I had the hardest time doing it. This time, I did manage to get it out without chopping off any of my own hair though. After I took the weave out, I shampooed with Suave Clarifying shampoo and then did a protein treatment using my DuoTex. After that I did a deep conditioning treatment for moisture using Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Cholesterol (this stuff smells heavenly) I followed that up with my DDTA. Ohhh I almost forgot, before I did all of that, I did another big chop. Yup! I did it myself and while I wasn't able to hook it up like a stylists could, I think I did a pretty good job. There are still some uneven pieces but it will be okay. Maybe if I find a natural salon around here, I will have them even it up for me. I love it. The front is more even than the back but it feels very freeing, no more itchies and it feel good not to have all of that hair in this heat! Here are some pics of my second BC. Go me!!! Go me!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have got to stop it!!! It really is sheer madness!

Now I know why I wear braids and weaves sometimes. If I didn't, My hands would be permanently attatched to my head. I have a weave in now but the front is out and I am constantly in that little bit of hair that I have left out. Combing, twirling, brushing, washing,conditioning, twisting and anything else I can think of. I really, REALLY love my hair and although I just put this weave in last week, I am already itching to take it out so I can finish up my big chop and play in it some more. It's madness I tell ya, Sheer madness! I just love my hair and I am constantly messing around with new styles and things. I really want to big chop super, duper short (think a fade type cut) but I know my big ass head would look awful if I went that low. I so wish I had the type of head and face that looks good with short, short hair but *sigh* I do not! Anyway, My head is still itching like crazy (I remember when people would say that just means your hair is growing and Oh, if it were true) I washed my weave yesterday and it felt lovely. Honestly, the hair looked better after I washed it and I had no problems with my own braided hair underneath drying fully. Shoooot, it is 95+ degrees here and has been for the past week, all I needed to do was step outside for a an hour or so and waaalaaa, dry hair!! I need some more hair accessories though. I have some headbands, bra-strap and a few of the ouchless slim Goody brand, and a few ponytail holders but I want more, I need more!! I think I will go to the fabric store and see what I can find to make me some really uber cute head wraps and scarves. On a sadder note, I just found out that the pillowcase that I had been using is not satin at all but brace yourself....NYLON!! It looks the same and feels the same but sometimes, my hair does get stuck or catches a little bit on it. Here I am thinking I had it made, no need to sleep in a bonnet or scarve, and all the while I have been sleeping on nylon. I know a true, true silk pillowcase is out of the question but any ideas where I can get a nice satin one? I might check out Ebay or the BSS. I have been all over looking for silk scarves and can't find any of those either.Well, not for the price that I am willing to pay. Anyway, I have to get ready to make that long trek home. I am starving, My baked mostacolli is calling me (yeah it's left over from last night) and it was bomb!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Naptural Hair poetry for the soul!


Took a decade
Of dead hair styling
To know I'd never learn
The pressing comb
The curling iron
The mastering
Of the perm
See, I remember times
I wouldn't leave my home
"Girl, why you ain't going?"
"Humph, cuz
My hair ain't combed!"
It wasn't going to be combed
It just wasn't going to be
So, today I stand before you
Contented as NAPPY
Nappy cuz I like it
I like the way it feels
Nappy cuz it's nap-tural
Nappy cuz it's real
See, it's mine
I ain't bought it
Learn to appreciate it
Through self consciousness
There ain't very much
At the beauty shop
I can say I've missed
So, my hair is nappy
I'm Happy & I'm free!
From my hot pursuit
Of no lye lying products
My Cosmotolocaptiviy
Yea, I got nappy edges
Got a nappy kitchen
Running front to back
I need not schedule myself
For no touch up
Cuz natures covered that
Can I touch it?
Do you wash it?
How you get your hair
To do that?
Don't ask me
How I've done it
I just blame it on the nap
When my man
Is running his hands
All through my nappy fro
We just laugh
When fingers get caught up
Cuz, it ain't like we didn't know
Soul sistahs
Break that every other week habit
You know you can't afford
W hen they ask you why
Just sigh
And say
"Cuz I don't comb anymore!"
Brothers tell your barber
You'll be passing on that trim
Asked why Your reply can be
"I'm letting the loc journey begin.."

You see
You too can be hair happy
I know y’all nappy underneath
So free your mind
your hair
From your

Nappy Roots

Relaxer dark-n-lovely a stylish
statement is a flagrant stance on
being you but what’s the truth?
Among the ridicule I will smile and
continue to profile my weave in which
You say I deceive who I am!
With a list of cultural styles all
the while I can never deny being
God’s Child my kinky nappy roots
that seep through the beauty enhancement

of being me but what’s the truth?
The truth being I harbor no complex Issues
about my natural state naturally thin and
hardly any hair is the way my locks sway
Skimpy in the wind has nothing to do
With the color of my skin but the choice I make
Just being me I like seeing hair that’s there
the way eyes use to look
at my Afro puffs and pick
that stood up singing Watu Wa Zuri
Black is beautiful but what’s the truth
Now it’s the creativity that transcends
through the look I can achieve
with red, brown or even
golden blonde weave
Whatever I pursue only my hairdresser
knows for sure what necessitates
these naturally rolled roots tucked
under a slick trick of weave that
you perceive but it’s to suit
no one but me and that’s
truth of what you seek ..
I am just being me…

Good Hair Bad Hair

Now what does it mean, to have some good hair
Is it hair that is better, never needs no repair
And what does it mean, to have some bad hair
Is it always the hair, that needs some repairs
Good hair and bad hair, what does all this mean
Is this all just some myths, or something we dream

Please tell us my sistahs, why is Afrikan hair bad
It started from childhood, oh how dreadfully sad
The torture, the heat , the burns, and the jerks
Everythang was tried, to see what would work

Now hair comes in textures, not good bad like grades
Has none’n to do with grades, how we have been played
We want “good” hair, that’s what Black women say
But Black women have “good” hair, don’t wish it away

So what my sistahs, does "good" hair really mean
Its hair that is healthy, at its best and its clean
Get “bad” hair out, of your vocabulary and mind
Cuz its time for a new attitude, that you should define

Black women should define, their “own” beauty that’s good
And change their ideals, from adults back to their childhood
Caucasian beauty, is not beauty to enshrine
Our lips, hips and skin, are much more defined
Why crave the Caucasian’s standards, that are vastly well known
When our own natural beauty, has vitality and life of its own

Friday, July 14, 2006

Haven't " 'pooed" in weeks? Here are tips for getting through those pooless days.

On the days that you no-poo, Rinse hair with warm water, liberally applya moisturizing condish (with lots of slip) and rinse well. This will give you a clean start and provide added conditioning and moisture without stripping away protective oils.

2. Under-conditioning - Proper conditioning is one of the most important steps for healthy hair. Unfortunately, most do not take the time to adequately do so, including me. Deep conditioning treatments (with heat) once a month, especially during the winter season works wonders. It isn't needed as much in the summer unless your hair is damaged or you are the sole person who loves to sit under a dryer or heating cap in 90+ degree weather.

3. Using the wrong products – Black hair needs oils in order to thrive and be healthy,however, you must know that not all oil is good oil. One misconception that plagues African Americans concerning hair care is the use of grease. Grease (thick pomade-like product that usually contains mineral oil and/or petrolatum) is commonly used to moisturize dry hair and scalp. Do not use products that contain mineral oil or petrolatum. Both of these cheap oils clog pores, rob the hair's moisture, and can retard hair growth. Natural oils are the best bet. Jojoba and coconut oil are great conditioning oils. Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, potassium, and scalp-soothing sulfur. Disclaimer: Petroleum andmineral oil based products dmay not have the same affect on every head of hair so if you are currently using these products and they work for you, rock on!

4. Combing, detangling, and styling faux pas - To avoid pain, tears, and massive hair loss when combing out kinky hair, part the hair into four sections. Get a tight grip on the hair (not to hurt your child) and start combing at the bottom and work your way up to the top, section by section. If your hair is extremely thick and coarse, secure the combed out section with a pony tail holder to avoid further tangling. You should always use a moisturizer when combing your hair(conditioner works well)doing so will help to soften the hair and ease combability. Never use water to "wet" the hair!

Ponytails and Pigtails
Girls and ponytails/pigtails seem to go hand and hand. Here are a few tips to avoid pigtail disaster:

5. Do not use rubber bands to secure her ponytails, instead use elastics and covered bands. Rubber bands can cause undue breakage and damage.
Remember to always remove the ponytail holders before bed time.
Make sure you braid (or twist) the hair completely... all the way to the ends. Exposing the ends to environmental elements will guarantee split ends.
I recommend adding a coat of leave-in conditioner to the ends before braiding for extra protection. Remember, the ends are the oldest and most fragile part of the hair. They require extra attention.

I did it again, Yup I chopped some more!

I decided to do my sew in yesterday so after I did another CW with my DDTA conditioner(Daily Defense Tender Apple----remind me why I haven't been using this lately. My hair was so soft and moisturized and the comb out was a breeze, the comb just glided through my hair. Felt so good afterwards I almost lost myself and did the "white girl hair toss" These snapped me back into reality though for there would be no tossing of these naps) but anyway, I combed my hair out and put in my moisturizers, Miracle worker and Shea butter lotion ( by the way, these are both bomb products for moisturization.) They help in detangling the hair and the hair stays soft and moist all day, don't sleep on it) I'll post pics a little later when I get home. After moisturizing, combing out, and chopping in sections, I then cornrowed my hair (leaving the front out, well the broken off edges) and then I started sewing in the hair. Oh, I forgot, I sewed a net to the braids first and then sewed in the hair. Overall. it looks just okay. Too much hair for my taste but I will either be cutting it shorter or finding some kind of way to make this hair less bulky. This is the 3rd sew-in that I have done and no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get it like it was the first time.(like the pic I posted) Anyway, pics will be forthcoming but right now, I need to get some work done so I can get outta here.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh so impulsive,.da girl is.

Like I've mentioned before,I have some major breakage along my hairline and up to an inch back in the middle. I got so tired of looking at my hair last night that I came to a decision . Now my edges aren't snatched back or anything like that but they have broken off where I had the color. (yes, that is right, the colored part along my hair line has completely broken off down to my natural color that was new growth) But anyway, I decided that there is just no getting around this breakage so I think I have no choice but to chop down to the length of my frontal breakage. I so hate to go that short again but I can't see any other way. It will take forever for that part to catch up with the rest so I guess a sista's gotta do what a sista's gotta do. I did a little mini chop last night. I mean my hair was several different lengths so I did try to even the long parts up a bit and I do feel good about that. I decided that I will try my hand at a sew in weave and wear that for a while and re-do it when it is time for my vacay. Then come September, I will be big chopping like a mug AGAIN,and probably, no most likely, going back to my trusty old braids until I can acquire some length. (the braids cure me of this dangerous hand in fro' disease that I've seemed to have picked up somewhere.) This time I will do it right and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize because I have some dry hair. Here's a pic of my first sew-in that I did myself (yeah, I know, I know, ya girl got mad skillz ) *takin' a bow*
I did this last summer and everyone thought it was my real hair.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another day another wash, whooo hooooo!

Today is the day. My pony tail is on hiatus until the 16th of this month so I washed again to get rid of product build up. I used my Suave Milk & Honey condish on dry hair and let it sit under a plastic cap for about 5 or 10 minutes. I then rinsed, shampooed, and applied my light protein treatment ( let that sit for another 10 minutes) then rinsed. I really didn't like the way this treatment made my hair feel. It felt kind of rough. But anyway, I again applied my moisturizing condish, Sunsilk first, but because it didn't really have the slip that I crave, I added some more Suave and again donned a plastic cap for about an hour or so. I rinsed, ( didn't dry at all) and then applied my Garnier, Smooth and sleek leave-in and topped that off with my 24/7 creme. I'm in the process of letting my hair air dry which is a chore in itself, as my hair takes foreva to to dry. Not totally dry yet but getting there. I really like the way the back looks I guess you can call it a Wash-n- Go, kinda, sorta. I just wish that my front looked half as good and since it doesn't you won't be seeing any pics. Haha Well maybe just one of the back!

I happened upon a huge dollar store today. I mean this store was the biggest I have ever seen and so neat and clean too. (ya'll know how messy and picked over some dollar store can be) but I picked up 3 headbands that I thought were cute. Trying to jazz up my fro a bit haha. Take a gander and tell me what ya think? *Gold head band not shown*

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

After today,

This is the last time that I will be able to post pics of my ponytail because I will be retiring it until the 16th, haha. It isn't actually a ponytail YET (keyword here is yet) but more like a pigtail but here are the pics along with some products that I am absolutely loving at the moment.

I'm absolutely loving these products right now!!

This is Soft Curl Cream by Garnier Fructis Style. This is what I use to slick back my ponytail and give it a nice shine. It seems to work rather well and gives my hair a nice hold. (I used to use Salon Selectives Control/d but I think they discontinued it because I can't find it anywhere.) This is a nice replacement. The only thing is that you have to use this very sparingly because it does tend to get a bit sticky!

This is 24/7 Creme w/ Aloe-E By Sunsilk (also knows as Seda, Sedal in other parts of the world)
This is my miracle creme. It is a leave-in creme and it really stretches out the hair leaving much less shrinkage when dry. It claims to tame your most beastly frizz, EVEN ON HUMID DAYS, (that's key ya'll). It's not a conditioner nor a gel but it combines the best of both (it really really does) I give this a definite thumbs up!! Even on the most humid hair stays in place, frizz free!

Monday, July 10, 2006 more itchies.Well not nearly as bad as it was.

I really tried to hold out for two more days before I decided to wash my hair. I planned to continue to wear a ponytail and then on Wednesday, do a twistout or something but my head was itching like crazy. I decided to do a CW(conditioner wash) and then put it back into another ponytail. I used my Suave Milk & Honey to wash with and my hair does feel better. The itchies haven't totally disappeared but they are wayyy more tolerable than before. I also went to Sally's today and bought a protein treatment(very light protein treatment) to put on my hair weekly in hopes that my hairline will continue to grow and catch up with the rest of my hair. I don't feel as if I have any more breakage than the usual amount that can be expected when combing out natural hair but I think the protein treatmens will work. On second thought, Maybe once a week will be too much protein. In any event, I will continue to CW and moisturize my hair. I'm going on a little vacay soon and since I really dont' feel like being bothered with my hair, I'm thinking about doing a curly weave or braids,(did I just say that as much complaining as I have been doing about them?) haven't really decided on which one yet.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Breakage Culprit.

This was my favorite hair style and unfortunately, the one that caused my edges to break off. I guess from the constant daily brushing back with a rather hard brush, not to mention the fact that my hair is lightened with bleach (yes, I was in the process of growing the color out at the time) I guess instead of brushing the hair back I will just use some gel and my hands to do the job. I have also laid off of the color as you can see from my other photos.(click the lower right hand corner of the photo to see the back)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

What a beautiful day

It is gorgeous out today. I went to the track early this morning and did a 40 minute walk/run. I also plan to go to this festival a little later on today. Since my hair is already in a ponytail, I think I will leave it like this sans the phony pony puff on the back. I wear it because it gives my hair volume. My puff is so not the size that I'm wanting it to be just yet. Anyway, the pony is my work style as well. (have yet to wear my hair out at work). I'm just so ready for my hair to grow already. I found some new hair products on sale and me being the product junkie that I am just had to buy them and try them out. While I am a hair junkie, I am a bargain junkie. The most that I have spent on a hair product is $19 and some change and that was for Jane Carter Solutions Nourish and Shine. That shit is the bomb but it will be a good while before I purchase again. lol

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I have been trying to figure out what to do with my hair. I have been wearing it in a ponytail with a phony puff to work but since I have this long weekend I washed it and have been wearing it out. I went to this food festival yesterday and wore it in a 'fro with a headband. I loaded it up with product and while it was soft as heck...there wasn't nary a curl to be found.(Didn't really expect it to be as I am a 4B through and through lol) It's cool though, I'll take soft moisturized hair anyday. When I came home I put it in a few twists and today I am sporting a twistout. Here are a few pics.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Finally!!! I can breathe

Okay, I finally took the braids out and now I haven't a clue what to do with my hair. I've been washing like crazy and lately I've just been wearing it in a ponytail to work. I still don't have the length that I want and it bothers me. My mom and I were just talking about it the other day. She said that her hair should be really long by now and it isn't. She also said that she hasn't had a hair cut in a while but it still seems that it isn't growing. I've been noticing the same thing with my hair. I see people who big chopped at the beginnig of this year or even last year and their hair is the same length as, if not longer than, mine. I even wear braids off and on for years at a time so there really isn't that much hair manipulation except when I am actually doing the braids, so I really don't know what the problem could be. I know that I didn't take care of my hair the way it should've been taken care of in braids (meaning I didn't moisturize as often as I should) but I still think I should be seeing some progress. My goal is an chin length bob. Same length all the way around, even with shrinkage.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm torn

I'm still tired of these braids and I want to take them out so bad but I am lazy as hell. They are so convenient for me. All I do is get up and go. I can put them in a ponytail and be on my way. Now my natural hair isn't that hard to take care of but , when I am wearing my natural hair, I am in it constantly. I wash it daily ..some times 2 and 3 times a day and I experiment with all kinds of products and hairstyles. That is cool but because I was brushing it to death before the braids, the front broke off about a inch back ( a little more toward the center) around my entire hairline. These braids were my attempt to play catch up and while I am seeing some progress, it isn't where it was before the to speak. lol I know you are wondering what these braids (that I am so tired of) looks like so here are a few pics (back and side shot!)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

So what's a bored chick to do?

I am so bored. It's raining and miserable outside and I really don't feel like cleaning although I really should. I'm sick of these damn micros too. I want to take them out but I am so lazy I don't really feel like having to do my hair everyday. This fatal attempt at a wash n go is why I have micros in the first place. (peep the knots on the end)

I know that as soon as I take them out, I'll end up putting them right back in because they are so convenient. :sigh: I don't know, I guess I'll clean up a little bit and then go down to the bookstore and have me an iced coffee and catch up on some reading. That's perfectly acceptable for a rainy, not so warm day, doncha think?


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