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Friday, August 15, 2008

Definition, Definition, and Mo' Defiition!

I did a twist out a few weeks ago that I loved. I mean I had so much definition and I'm sure that I hadn't had my hair in twists for more than 2 days. I found that the secret to a fabulous twistout, which I can finally say that I've managed to master is the products used during twisting. I have had gorgeous TO's using, Mrs. Jessies buttercreme, Shea butter, Proclaim gel activator, Avacado butter, shealoe butter, and I'm sure a few other products (not all at once mind you)but I have the bestest TO's from Miss Jessies. For this one I used the proclaim and Avacado butter. I used the procalim because I had just washed my hair and it was dry by the time I started to twist. so the activator gel was for moisturization purposes only. But anyway here is the resulting twistout.


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