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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I've been neglecting this blog

I know I haven't been good about updating but I'm going to try to do better. Yes, I'm still locking and 's going well. I'm impatient though so I cannot wait until they grow long enough to hit my shoulders so I can do a pony. I'm low maintenance these days due to scalp issues. I wash about once a week or when the itchies become unbearable and that is about it. Sometimes I may add a little olive oil or jajoba oil but that's all. I'm finding less is more as far as my scalp issues are concerned. I also latch about every 4 weeks and that is going well. I find that my hair fuzzes up rather quickly after I latch and it is probably due to the washing. (I used to wash or rinse daily) we'll see if this new routine makes a difference. It doesn't seem that my hair is really growing but I can tell that it is when I latch(it stretches out a bit more) I still have shrinkage and can't wait for the day that my length starts to show. Maybe I'll take some new pics and compare them to my start if I can find some photos.(My comp crashed and I lost everything, EVERYTHING. all kinds of photos and videos of family , friends , and hair. I've learned my lesson and am now a backing up sista! lol


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