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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Infomercials Are The Debil: WEN Hair cleansing System

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I am a true infomercial junkie. I probably have anything and everything that has been advertised on an infomercial including the dreaded Perfect Pasta(which didn't work the way I thought it would or should. I used it as soon as I bought it and my pasta was just as hard as it was when I took it out of the box. Anyway, The latest infomerical product that I'm hoping to try is the Wen Hair Cleansingsystem. Fortunately for me, My mom has got the infomericalitis just as bad as I do and she informed me that she ordered it for herself. Now my mother and I are both natural so I'll have to beg her to see if she'll let me try a bit of it to review. If you've seen the infomercial, they do state that the Wenn cleansing cream works on all types of hair and they even had an African American model in the commerciaal as proof. Her hair type seemed to be a 3B or 3c from what I can tell. Mine however is predominately a 4B so I'll have to see how it works for me.

Okay, I begged and pleaded and my mother relunctantly let me borrow some. I washed my hair first with my Neutrogena because I had too much product in it. Since the Wen doesn't lather, I figured this would be the best thing to do (besides, the models on the infomercial had all washed their hair before with a regular shampoo before using the WEN....of course they only did it to show the differences between regular shampoo and WEN but oh well.) Anyway, I applied the WEN to my hair(it also comes with instructions that tell you how many "pumps" of product you should use for your particular hair length and type.) Since my hair is coarse, it suggested I use 8 pumps for the front, 8 for the back, 8 for the crown, and 8 each for the right and left side for a total of 40 pumps and as I mentioned before, I am a little heavy handed so I like my hair saturated but because this wasn't mine, I stuck with the reccommended usage. I kept the product in while I showered and then rinsed out. I have the sweet almond mint. It smelled a little mentholated but not terrible. I loved the fact that it had a tingling sensation as well. It did make my hair rather soft(at least while it was wet.) I applied a little as a leave-in and then twisted before it became totally dry so I don't know how my hair would feel after it was dry had I not twisted. Since I've only used it once so far, and I'm quite sure that that is not enough for me to give it an unbiased review. I'll hold off until I use it a few more times. I will have to purchase some first because as I said this was borrowed. The kit also came with a styling cream (which smells heavenly... totally different scent than the cleansing cream)


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